Services Offered

We are excited to offer comprehensive health care to the community for:

PEDIATRIC (age 12 and older)

Primary Care Medicine
Acute Injury Treatment
Chronic Illness Management
Colds / Flu
Small Wound / Laceration Repair
Sexual Dysfunction Management
Migraines Management
Skin Biopsies and Mole Removal
STD Treatment
Hormone Therapy
Women’s Health – yearly exam, pap smear, mammogram, birth control, etc.
Men’s Health
Preventative Health Screening
LGBTQI Healthcare
Much more…

Lavender Center and Clinic

We are LGBTQI friendly and an inclusive medical practice. We hope and strive to make all our patients comfortable and honor your personal decisions about your health. Our goal is to educate you and offer you many tools to help improve your health and allow you to make informed decisions regarding your body.

If there are other services you feel would be beneficial to your success, please let us know and we will do our best to provide those to you.


Services List

Individual, Couples and Family Counseling:

We offer these services to the full spectrum of patients both the LGBTQI community and ALL other communities.

  • We take most insurance plans and also offer cash rates

Support / Community Groups:  (All groups are FREE)

  • Trans-Masculine
  • Trans- Feminine
  • Gender-Spectrum (for all who identify anywhere on the gender spectrum)
  • Parents with Transgender Kids
  • Gay Men 50 y/o and older
  • LGBTQI Couples 
  • Mahu & Polynesian Group - Starting 2018 (Waianae Location)

Youth / Teen

  • Trans / genderfluid Teens 
  • LGBTQI Youth (Up to age 12)
  • LGBTQI Teens (Ages 13-17)

               ----All groups are supervised by licensed health professionals that are all LGBTQI supportive and trained. Groups topics and discussion is directed by the community members attending. These are YOUR groups. 

Speech Pathology & Vocal/Voice Training

We provide voice and speech training for all communities including vocal training for the transgender community.

  • ​We take most insurance plans and also offer cash rates

Transgender Health

We provided complete health care services for the transgender and genderfluid community including hormone therapy, primary care, counseling, groups, voice / speech training, gender maker changes on legal documents, and letters for surgery (top surgery, mastectomy, breast implants, SRS / GRS, etc.). These services are available to adults and youth of all ages. We monitor labs and your complete health to help you live a long healthy life. We are the only clinic in Hawaii to specialize in transgender health and offer comprehensive services for the community.  These services are provided by licensed health professionals specifically trained in transgender health.

HealthCare Education: 
We offer training in transgender health for health providers (physicians, RNs, NPs, PAs, etc) including medical student rotations and post-grad education for qualified health providers.  We also provide lecture based training for health clinics, health groups, and other professional organizations interested in learning more about the transgender health and the transgender community.  We provide these services in an effort to improve services and support for the transgender, queer and intersex communities. See our Health Training page for more information.

R.E.A.C.H  Youth Program & Lavender House

We are launching a large youth program to include education programs, help with school related issues, youth groups, youth counseling, social events, and help for the LGBTQI homeless youth. 

Community Services:  
International mobile health clinics to provide services to the Transgender communities in American Samoa, Tonga, Guam.  - COMING SOON


Hormone Therapy:   

We provide complete hormone therapy for the transgender, genderfluid, and cis-gendered (adults and youth) communities.  We offer hormones in a safe and effective way to maximize your results and get your transition going / continuing / maintaining while also keeping you safe throughout the process so that you can live a long beautiful life.

Primary Care Services: 

We provide complete primary care services to the LGBTQAI community and ALL other communities. We strive to provide a safe and comfortable place to receive the primary care services everyone deserves. ​

PrEP / PEP HIV Prevention:
We prescribe PrEP/PEP Therapy for HIV prevention in high risk individuals.  This therapy has been shown to prevent  the infection of HIV for those exposed to the virus and preventing the exposure if patient is taking prophylactically. 

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