Whole Plant-Based Medicine

Come make an appointment with us at 808-744-2543, if you think medical cannabis might help your symptoms. Currently, the list of approved conditions accepted by the state of Hawaii is listed here:


During your visit with us, we will do a physical exam, medical history, urine drug screen and discuss extensive cannabis information with you to include what legal rights you have and don’t have, recipes, how to self dose, and finding an appropriate strain for your condition. Our goal is help you understand medical cannabis so that you can have the most effective treatment with this important medical plant.


We believe your health is important including the medicines you put in your body. Thus, we provide education on medical cannabis so that you have tools to start or continue to use this medication more effectively, safely and have a more enjoyable experience.


During your visit with us we supply you with the following:

  • Legal: what your protections are and what you’re not protected against.
  • Strains: what strains would be best for your given medical condition
  • Self Dosing: How to do it
  • Health Issue: How does cannabis help your medical condition.
  • Cooking: Edible recipes.
  • Forms: Methods of administration
  • Side Effects