The Lavender Center & Clinic is committed to keeping our doors open to as many patients as possible.

We have remained open even as many primary care clinics have closed temporarily or permanently. To ensure the safety of our staff, contractors, volunteers, and patients, which we regard as our highest priority, we have implemented the following policies and procedures:

1. More frequent disinfecting of all commonly touched surfaces

2. Temporarily suspended in-person visits for routine health checkups and replaced with telehealth (in-person available on case-by-case basis)

3. Limited waiting room to 3 patients at a time

4. Patients’ family and friends must now wait outside

5. All visitors and staff must wear masks while in close proximity to another person

6. Symptom and temperature screening for every visitor

7. Not accepting any in-person visits for people arriving in Hawaii until they have completed their quarantine requirement

8. New patient visits now done by telehealth (in-person available on case-by-case basis)

9. All behavioral health now done via telehealth (technology assistance available upon request)

10. Increased PPE available to TLCC personnel

11. Denial of service to those not complying with Federal, State, local, and clinic COVID-19 laws, orders, and/or instructions

These are just some of the measures we have taken to ensure everyone’s health and safety. We can and will get through this crisis together.

Yours in community and hope,
The Lavender Center & Clinic