The Lavender Center & Clinic is a non-profit 501(c)3 healthcare clinic serving all communities including all gender identities and affectional orientations.

Anyone who wishes to have more time with their provider and have access to non-pharmaceutical options when appropriate is welcome to receive services at our clinic.

Our Mission

To provide holistic, high-quality healthcare and wellness services to a diverse community of individuals with special focus on LGBTQI+ individuals and other traditionally under-served community members by competent, caring, and nurturing providers in a unique environment through leadership, vision, advocacy, teamwork, dignity, and respect.

Our Vision

To be the light of aloha in the community for healthcare; to inspire, engage, and empower people to take control of their wellness through interactive natural partnerships with providers; to promote excellence in their lives, inspire optimal well-being, and foster respect for all.

Our History

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Board of Directors

Doctor Renee Pedersen Rumler (she/her), Doctor of Medicine, Clinical Director

Renee Pedersen Rumler is passionate about Primary Care,
Transgender / Gender Expansive Health, and working with the Hard of
Hearing / Deaf Community. 

Renee completed medical school at University of Arizona College of
Medicine in 2010 and attended residency at the Family Medicine
Residency Program in Anchorage Alaska from 2010-2011. She
completed 8 of the required 12 months needed for licensure.  With 4
months remaining, she had to resign due to serious health issues at
that time. Renee attended residency with Dr. Hawk and he recruited
her for her amazing bed-side manner and clinical skills under a
supervised post-doctorate program.  Renee completed her 2 year
post-doctorate under Dr. Hawk’s supervision in Winter 2017. She
continues to work towards her physician license in Hawaii. 
Renee is the Clinical Director for The Lavender Center and Clinic and
continues her advocacy work with the Transgender / Gender
Expansive Community as well as various other clinic activities under
supervision. Renee is committed to staying and working in Hawaii.
She plays both the violin and bluegrass fiddle, enjoys the outdoors,
loves rescue animals, and has a great affinity for sea horses.

Stephanie Mikhail (she/her)– Director of Operations

Stephanie Mikhail began working with the transgender and gender-expansive community in Hawaii in 2013 after leaving her career as an industrial engineer. She began her community outreach by volunteering with and contracting for The Life Foundation (now Hawaii Health and Harm Reduction Center). She served on the planning committe for Honolulu Transgender Day of Remembrance from 2015-2017. After being a patient of Dr. Hawk’s since 2014 she began volunteering for The Lavender Clinic in 2015 and was hired by The Lavender Clinic in 2016. In 2017 She moved into a management role at the clinic and has served as the Director of Operations since February 2019. She continues to use her expertise in Industrial Engineering and her love and commitment to the community to improve the operations of the clinic. She is grateful to be able to apply her skills and Rutgers University School of Engineering degree in an innovative and fulfilling way and is proud to be just one example of how The Lavender Clinic is not at all traditional or conventional.
She now lives in Central Oahu with her wife Steffanie  (The couple is collectively known as “The Steffphanies”.) whom she happily married in a universe-themed wedding on Oahu’s North Shore in 2019.

Dr. Glenda Tali (she/her), PhD, APRN

Glenda has been a Registered Nurse for 33 years and an APRN for 24 years. She has two adult children and four adorable grandsons on the mainland. Her early career focus was in Women’s Health, specifically labor and delivery. She has practiced in Arizona at St. Joseph’s Hospital, in California at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center, LBJ Tropical Medical Center in American Samoa, and in Hawaii at Adventist Health Castle Medical Center. Her current full-time position is as nurse practitioner at MDX Hawaii working with Medicare advantage members doing education and facilitating services.
She joined The Lavender Clinic in September 2017 and has learned so much from the patients, staff, and the amazing providers. She loves coming to work at the clinic because she feels that she truly makes a difference in the lives of our patients.

Rebecca Doescher (she/her)

Rebecca received her training as a massage therapist at the Hawaii College of Health Sciences and has been practicing in Honolulu since 2003. She attended Kapiolani Community College where she earned an associates degree in liberal arts in 2014. Rebecca’s involvement with The Lavender Center and Clinic has come full circle, beginning as a patient, then joining the team as the clinic’s Referrals Coordinator in 2017, and most recently serving as Secretary to the Board. Rebecca finds cooking, gardening and DIY projects very fulfilling, but especially enjoys helping others. She believes strongly in the mission of The Lavender Center and Clinic and the community it serves. 

Winston Welch (__/__)

Winston is delighted to serve on the board of the Lavender Center and Clinic.

As a credentialed Certified Association Executive (CAE) with many years of work as an executive director in cultural, educational and environmental organizations, he brings a strong background of understanding of the needs of 501c3 organizations. After receiving an MBA from Thunderbird School of Global Management at Arizona State University, Winston has spent extensive time living, working and traveling globally, and makes his home in Honolulu at the base of Diamond Head where he is deeply engaged with a variety of civic, business and professional organizations. He is especially interested in issues of diversity and inclusiveness, local issues to improve life for residents, and preserving Hawaii’s unique environment. 

Jessica Taylor Spurrier (she/her), MS, MSN, CDCES, RN

Jessica is humbled by the opportunity to serve on the TLC board.

She has 20 years of experience as a community health educator and public health nurse. Having lived and worked in multiple locations throughout the Pacific, she aspires to support those seeking care who have a limited access or find traditional healthcare institutions to be unwelcome, unsupportive, or unable to meet their unique needs. The genuine compassion and comprehensive care  provided by TLC initially drew her in as a  part time staff member and later to be a part of the board. She is proud of the work of the TLC staff and the dedication of their patient partners. She looks forward to watching the clinic’s continued growth,  creative community advocacy, and dynamic and holistic patient care.

Trey Halliday Fenton (he/him), LCSW, CSAC

Aloha, it is an honor and privilege to serve on The Lavender Center and Clinic Board of Directors.

Trey is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Certified Substance Abuse Counselor
dedicated to assisting others live a healthy, purposeful, authentic life. Prior to being on the Board of Directors he worked three years for The Lavender Center and Clinic as well as interning and working at six other local nonprofits on Oahu. Trey is now currently in private practice in Honolulu. His specialty and passion are assisting those who identify on the LGBTQ+ spectrum with a special emphasis on gender. Trey’s background is in education and considers himself a lifelong learner and educator. He loves learning about the human experience from a multicultural, strengths based perspective. Trey has lived and worked both Domestically and Internationally and feels incredibly grateful to call Hawaii home.

Susan Martin (she/her), LPN

Susan has been working in some capacity of nursing for most of her adult life. She has experience working in hospitals, pharmacies, and pediatrics. For 16 years she ran an ICF-DDN facility for profoundly developmentally disabled adults in California. She has been with The Lavender Center & Clinic for about a year. She has enjoyed learning more about transgender health and loves to go to work every day. Susan also runs the Medical Cannabis program where she teaches patients about the use of cannabis to treat various medical conditions sanctioned by the state. Her favorite pastimes are photography and she plays a mean game of pool.

The Lavender Center & Clinic’s Staff

Dr. Naomi Burr, MD, MPH (she/her)– Physician

Dr. Glenda Tali, PhD, APRN (she/her) – Nurse Practioner

Dr. Emily Levitt-Gopie, DNP, APRN (she/her) – Nurse Practioner

Ms. Avril Jenkins, APRN (she/her) – Nurse Practioner

Ms. Susan Martin, LPN (she/her) – Nurse & Medical Cannabis Program Manager

Ms. Cindy Kang, LMFT (she/her) – Behavioral Health Therapist

Mr. Johnathan Goodwin (he/him)– Receptionist, TransTeen Amb., and special projects

Ms. Marybeth Raquel (she/her) – Receptionist

Mx. Joyua Shamblin (they/them) – Receptionist

Ms. Rebecca Doescher (she/her) – Referral coordinator

Ms. Meko Faleafaga (she/her) – BIlling Specialist

Ms. Eileen Corpus (she/her) – Billing Specialist